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Upcoming Events


FREE reiki healing circle/share
friday, juLY 5 @ 6pm

I'm very excited to share what I know with you and look forward to integrating our energies for the highest benefit of everyone in the room and beyond.

We will touch on shielding and grounding as well as an exercise to raise our vibrations. This Reiki Share is for novices up to Reiki Masters. All are welcome.

RSVP is a must

reiki infused chakra chair yoga
Every FridaY @ NOON

This class is a little different, as we integrate some Reiki exercises, Chakra yoga poses and breathing. Don’t be fooled by the fact that its chair yoga, you will get a nice workout, get some grounding and leave feeling much lighter.

Classes are $16, and there are discounts for seniors, service employees, as well as EMS, Vets and Students

Newark entrepreneur showcase (free event)
sunday, AUGUST 28 @ 3pm to 7pm

We are bringing together entrepreneurs who want to educate the public regarding their services and products. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Simply come out and see what will enhance your life and leave the rest. You owe it to yourself to see what you don’t know. There will be a free series of raffles also.

RSVP is a must


Heal & Relax


Reiki Sessions

Each session is specific to the needs of the individual.  Each session begins and ends with a mini consultation that helps to direct the beginning and end of the session. Each session is different because until I begin to work with you, I won’t know what energy needs to be dissipated or built up. We end the session connecting the dots of what I felt and what you felt to determine next steps.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Himalayan handcrafted bowls are placed on the body to dissipate stress, which allows the body, mind and spirit to function more efficiently.  This holistic modality takes you to a place of relaxation that is not easily accessed. The vibrations entrain your nervous system to work more efficiently, thereby leaving you more grounded and with more clarity.

Crystal Prescriptions 

This service begins with a conversation either in person on via phone. I then create a report with suggestions of specific crystals and ways in which to use them to help you through whatever the challenge is. This is a very direct, open and honest conversation that is between me and client. I will then prepare your crystals for your prescriptions. Sometimes, this may go beyond crystals, and if it does, I will give suggestions as to where to find other products or services..

Full Chakra Treatment / Alignment

When your energy is off, it is easy to fall out of balance on a day to day. This alignment or balancing will have you moving through it more freely and with less obstacles to contend with. Sit back relax and let us assist you in being in a space of clarity and self empowerment.

Lower Chakra Treatment 

We often find ourselves out of sorts and in need of standing securely in who we are and what we bring to the world. This treatment helps to align the lower chakras which is all about living safely and having security while confidently expressing who we are in all walks of life..